ABSS Payroll v13

Released August 2021

HRDF Compliance

In March 2021, HRDF  coverage was expanded to cover all industries with 10 or more Malaysian  employees.

Read more about this here.

Payroll v13 has been updated to comply with these requirements

Setup HRDF Contribution

In the Command Centre, click on HRDF Contribution.

Alternatively, click on Command Centre, Setup, then HRDF Contribution from the menu at the top.

Adjust the rate according to HRDF requirement, either 1% or 0.5%.

Global setting

Select HRDF to be included in payroll calculation.

Employee setting

If you are upgrading from a previous version, and you do not previously have Use Default Setting checked for employees, then check each employee's payroll details.

To check this, in the Command Centre, click on Card File, Payroll Details, then select Basic Pay and click on Details.

Feature spotlight video

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