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ABSS Premier 3 users

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Product Details
Brand: ABSS (MYOB)
Operating System: Windows
User licences: 3 users (can add more users when required)
Multi-currency: Yes
Multi-location inventory: Yes
Multiple pricing levels: Yes

3 user licence
Can add user licences
when needed
Windows 7/8/10 Malaysian SST compliant

ABSS Premier is single and multi-user business management and accounting solution. This product option comes with 3 user licences.

If you require more than 3 user licences, there is an option to add user licences when you purchase. User licences are sold in packs of 2 users.

ABSS Premier 3 user licence has the following modules:

  1. Accounts/General Ledger
  2. Banking/Bank and Cash Book
  3. Sales/Accounts Receivable
  4. Time Billing โ€“ for professional firms that bill according to time
  5. Purchase/Accounts Payable
  6. Inventory/Stock Management
  7. Contact Management

User licences

This product option is for 3 user licences, and you can add user licences either at the point of purchase or as and when required later.

Support and upgrades

When you initially purchase ABSS Premier 3 users, you will receive 30 days introductory support from ABSS as well as from Deltatech.

Business Support

You can choose to purchase the Business Support plan which will entitle you to free upgrades if any are released and technical support for a period of one (1) year.

Upgrade Cover

There is also an Upgrade Cover option which entitles you to free upgrades if any are released during your subscription period. Note that the Upgrade Cover option does not include technical support.

Value added services


Free setup of
one company file

Installation and setup will be carried out remotely over the internet.
Support will be through phone, email and remote access.

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Why buy ABSS online from Deltatech?

What you get when you purchase
ABSS online from Deltatech

When you purchase from us you will receive the following services absolutely free:

  • Free installation
    If you require assistance with installing the software, we will assist remotely.
    Just let us know when you are ready, and we will login to your PC (with your permission of course!), and do the necessary
  • Free setup
    Need help with setting up your company file?
    We will help you setup one company file and you will be able to start working from day one!
    No need to worry about preferences, settings, etc. With our 19+ years experience with MYOB/ABSS, we set it up for you so that you canย login and start working from day one!

Please note:

All services are provided off-site, through phone, email or remote access only.
If you require on-site services, please contact us for a separate quote.



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