ABSS Accounting v30.1

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MYOB was rebranded as ABSS from 1st Jan 2018.
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abss accounting

ABSS Accounting v30.1

Released May 2024

Includes updated Service Tax codes for increase in rate from 6% to 8% effective 1st March 2024, as well as updated Service Tax reporting.

ABSS Accounting is a complete business management solution that automates and simplifies your accounting, banking, sales, purchases and inventory control.

It is flexible and easy for you to adapt to your business processes.

Accounting is a single user solution, which means only one person can update transactions at any one time.

ABSS Accounting


ABSS Accounting is a fully integrated accounting and business management solution that has:

  1. Accounts/General Ledger
  2. Banking/Bank and Cash Book
  3. Sales/Accounts Receivable
  4. Purchases/Accounts Payable
  5. Inventory/Stock Management
  6. Contact Management
abss accounting command centre

ABSS Accounting Command Center


The heart of all your business transactions.

Every business transaction you create in ABSS automatically flows through to Accounts

Create your chart of accounts, record journal entries, review transaction journals.


Handle transactions like receipts, payments and reconcile bank statements.

Record payments for expenses like rental, salaries, utilities, etc.


Create quotes, orders, and invoices, and choose from several customisable invoice layouts.

Print invoices and email to your customers using Microsoft Outlook.

Receive payments from customers and knock off against respective invoices.


Enter purchase orders and supplier invoices, track your payables.

Purchase order layouts are customisable.

Make payments to suppliers and knock it off against the invoices that are due for payment.


Enter inventory items, record detailed descriptions (even images) and track all their movements.

  • Automatically create purchase orders to suppliers from customer orders – Accounting will fill in the primary supplier and the last price paid for you
  • Categorise and analyse the inventory with three user definable lists and fields.

Card file

The card file is your contact list.

You can create customer, supplier as well as employee records.

When you create transactions like sales or purchases, ABSS will automatically fill in the details of the customer or supplier for you.

Video – ABSS Accounting features

An overview of ABSS Accounting features

See also ABSS Accounting features at a glance

Not sure if ABSS is the right solution for your business?

Free consultation and demo

We believe that no 2 businesses operate identically.

The industry requirements may be the same, but the way they conduct business may be different.

Our first step in consulting would be to try and understand the uniqueness of your business.

We then explore the way ABSS can address most of your requirements.

A consultation/demo session would typically take between 1 and 2 hours, depending on your requirements.

If you prefer this approach to evaluating ABSS, click on the link below to request a free, no obligation consultation and demo session.

Free trial version

On the other hand, if you prefer to try it out yourself, ABSS offers a free 7 day trial version.

The trial version is fully functional so you can explore all the features ABSS has to offer.

The only exception is the trial version expires within 7 days, and you will need to purchase a licence should you wish to continue using it.

During the trial period, do feel free to contact us for assistance if you require it.

Note that support would necessarily be limited.

Full support will be extended to you once you purchase the software.

This post is also available in: Bahasa Melayu

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