Financio Accounting – Online Accounting Solution

financio accounting

Financio is a cloud accounting solution, designed for today’s smart businesses.

A product of ABSS, Financio offers accounting automation to small businesses, redefining how you handle accounting and tax tasks.

Highly Secure

Financio deploys banking level security on their servers and for data transferred between your machine and the servers.

Your data is safe with Financio.

Live Backup

All data stored on Financio comes with one copy of live backup and a second copy of daily backup.

Never worry about losing your data again.

User Friendly Interface

Built on a modern tabbed-view with a spacious workspace, allowing greater flexibility within fewer clicks.

As a result, you can get work done faster too.

Online/Cloud Based

Online/web-based accounting software.

Access your data anywhere with any connected mobile, tablet or computer.

For PC, Mac, Android or iOS.

Multilingual Interface

To make your accounting even easier, you can choose to use Financio in English, Chinese or Bahasa Malaysia.

Check out the Pricing, or sign up for a free 30-day trial account.

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