Is ABSS the same as MYOB?

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We have often been asked “Is ABSS the same as MYOB?”.

The answer is both yes and no.

The same solution

ABSS is generally the same as MYOB because it is the same solution, with similar user interfaces and functionality.

Application Welcome Screen

MYOB Accounting v24

MYOB Accounting v24

ABSS Accounting v25

ABSS Accounting v25

The Accounting welcome screen that you see when you launch the solution remains the same, with the brand logos being different.

Application Command Center

MYOB Premier v19

abss premier v20 command centre

ABSS Premier v20

The familiar Premier Command Centre, where you perform all business transactions from v19, when it was branded as MYOB, to v20, when it became ABSS.

In Asia for Asia

The difference is, from when  MYOB was rebranded as ABSS in January 2018, there is more focus on the way we in Asia do business.

ABSS solutions for Asia

Asian Business Software Solutions, or ABSS for short, has been developing and improving the solutions and adapting it to Asian business practices.

Who is ABSS?

Asian Business Software Solutions, formerly known as MYOB South Asia, is a subsidiary company of Censof Holdings Bhd, a technology holdings company specialising in financial management software solutions.

What happened to MYOB?

This post is also available in: Bahasa Melayu Bahasa Indonesia

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