Why Deltatech?



years and counting

We have been providing MYOB, now known as ABSS, solutions to small and medium sized businesses since 1999.

That’s 23 years, and counting, of experience in installing, setting up and supporting ABSS/MYOB!

You benefit from this experience.


years and counting

Our cumulative accounting experience totals 30 years!

ABSS/MYOB is primarily an accounting solution.

Most small and medium sized businesses do not have knowledge of accounting.

This is where our accounting experience adds value to your investment in ABSS.

ABSS Certified Partner

The value proposition

The combination of our experience with ABSS (MYOB) and accounting covers a wide range of industries and business types.

This helps us understand your business requirements better, which in turn helps us understand how ABSS can help you manage your business better.

Deltatech adds value to your business when you purchase ABSS from us.

Set the challenge!

Request a free demo and consultation.

We will show you why we are worthy of being your preferred solution provider.

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