GST Tax Codes in MYOB

To view the GST Tax Codes in MYOB, open your company file, then click on Lists, Tax Codes as shown in the image below:

The access to the tax code list menu is the same for both MYOB Accounting and MYOB Premier.

The tax codes list window displays all the GST codes available in MYOB.

Here is a list of tax codes that are available in MYOB Accounting v24 and MYOB Premier v19

Tax Code Description GST Code Rate
AJP Adjustment to Input Tax AJP 6
AJS Adjustment to Output Tax AJS 6
BL Purchases (GST not claimable) BL 6
CGA Capital Goods Acquisition TX-CG 6
DS Deemed supplies under GST DS 6
EP Purchases exempted from GST EP 0
ES Exempt Supplies under GST ES 0
FRS Purchase – Flat rate scheme TX-FRS 2
GP Disregarded Purchases GP 0
GS Disregarded Supplies under GST GS 0
IES Incidental exempt supp (IES) IES 0
IM GST for import of goods IM 6
IS Import of goods under ATS IS 0
N-T Non-Taxable   0
NP Non goods or services purchase NP 0
NR Non GST-registered supplier NR 0
NS Non goods and services supp NS 0
NTX Supplies no tax chargeable NTX 0
OP Purchase (Out-of-Scope) OP 0
OS Supplies (Out-of-Scope) OS 0
OTX OS supp taxable if made in MY OS-TXM 0
RE Taxable or exempt supplies TX-RE 6
RP Relief Purch (GST legislation) RP 0
RS Relief Supplies under GST RS 0
SJS Supplies under AJS SR-JWS 0
SMS SR supp (Margin Scheme) (SMS) SR-MS 6
SR Standard-rated supplies (GST 6%) SR 6
T Taxable   5
TES Exempt supp-Partial (TX-ES) TX-ES 6
TIS Incidental exempt supp (TX-IES) TX-IES 6
TNC Do not claim input tax TX-NC 6
TX Purchases with GST at 6% TX 6
ZDA ZR supplies to Designated Area ZDA 0
ZP Purchases with no GST incurred ZP 0
ZRE Export supplies ZRE 0
ZRL Zero rated local supplies ZRL 0

The tax codes in italics are MYOB default tax codes and are not applicable to Malaysian GST.

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