ABSS Payroll Card file

ABSS Payroll card file stores information about each of your employees in individual card file records.

The employee card file has 5 tabs.


ABSS Payroll - Employee information

In this tab, you enter general details about the employee such as their name, date of birth, nationality, job title, staff type (contract, permanent and part-time) and staff number.


ABSS Payroll - Employee contact information

You can specify up to three addresses for each employee, correspondence, residential and other.

You can also enter the employee’s emergency contact details.


ABSS Payroll - Employee employment information

Here, you would record the employee’s employment details, such as hire date, department, cost centre, bank account details and tax numbers.

You also need to select the employee’s status.

If you want to pay the employee, you need to select confirmed, probation or extended.


ABSS Payroll - Employee resume

You can enter details about the employee’s job history including their qualifications and positions held.

You can also link a copy of the employee’s resume to the employee card.

Family details

ABSS Payroll - Employee family information

This tab contains information about the employee’s family members.

Details you enter here will affect how PCB is calculated, for example, you can indicate if the spouse is working, child relief as well as parental care relief.

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