Why buy MYOB from Deltatech?

Besides the expert advice and support in MYOB and Accounting you get when you purchase from us, you will also receive these exclusive services free of charge.

If you require assistance with installing the software, we will assist remotely.

Just let us know when you are ready, and we will login to your PC (with your permission of course!), and do the necessary.

Need help with setting up your company file?

We will help you setup one company file and you will be able to start working from day one!

No need to worry about preferences, settings, etc. With our 19+ years experience with MYOB, we set it up for you so that you can login and start working immediately!

As a valued customer, you will receive one (1) year access to our knowledge base.

This contains articles and tips on using MYOB and is accessible to you 24 x 7 x 365!

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