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Join us and expand your business by offering your customers an award winning small business accounting solution!

There’s no joining fee, our partnership program is free, and there are no quotas or obligations to fulfill.

There are 2 ways you can earn an income:

  1. Refer prospective customers to us, or,
  2. Sell the solutions we carry to your customers

Who can join?

Essentially, anyone, depending on your preference.


Do you have a blog or website?

Just promote our solutions on your website using our affiliate link.

We will track visits from your website to ours and if your visitor buys, you earn 10% of the sale!


Know anyone who would benefit from using our solutions?

Just refer them to us, and if they purchase a solution, we will pay you 10% of the sale.

Are you an accounting or business consulting firm?

If you provide accounting services, why not offer our solutions as a value added service?

You can opt to sell direct to your customer, in which case you will earn 20%, or you can refer customers to us and we will pay you 10%.

Are you an IT support service provider?

If you provide IT related services, you can add value to what you provide by not just selling the solution, but also providing them with support.

Include support as part of the services you offer as a one stop service provider.

How do you benefit?

We have been providing small business accounting solutions since 1999.

When you join us, you will benefit from more than 24 years of experience!

We will guide you and help you build a new revenue stream and grow your business


But, we understand that you may not have all the necessary know how to do that.

We are your backup.

With 24 years of experience, we will support and assist you with any issues that you or your customer encounter with the solutions we provide.

Where do you need to be located?

Basically, from anywhere in South East Asia.

We welcome affiliates, referrers and partners from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, etc.

With the advances in technology, we can support you anywhere you or your customers are located.

This post is also available in: Bahasa Melayu Bahasa Indonesia

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