Using MYOB for Windows on MAC

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MACs are fabulous and once you start working with a MAC, you never, ever want to switch.

But, there is a problem.

GST will be implemented in Malaysia from 1st April 2015, and you do need to have an accounting solution in place to help with tracking GST as well as complying with it.

Unfortunately, there are not many accounting solutions for MAC out there that are Malaysian GST compliant.

MYOB does have AccountEdge, but this has not been updated to comply with Malaysian GST requirements.

Currently, the GST compliant MYOB accounting solutions can only be installed on Windows.

And, if truth be told, you do not want to purchase a Windows PC, much less use it for any length of time.

So, what do you do?

There are 2 possible work around solutions where you get to have the cake and eat it too!

  1. Install Parallels Desktop for Mac
    This is a software that provides hardware virtualization for Macintosh computers with Intel processors, and allows you to install the Windows operating system on your Mac desktop.
    In turn, you can then install MYOB Accounting or Premier and run it off that.
  2. Windows PC as thin client server
    Alright, alright, possibly as a Mac user, the last thing you would ever want to do, but sometimes we need to go with the least elegant of solutions.
    One Windows PC with a ServerLink solution installed and you can run MYOB for Windows from it on your MAC through Remote Desktop Connection.

With both solutions, you are accessing MYOB from your MAC, and not directly using a Windows PC.

Like we said, not the most elegant of solutions for MAC lovers, but at least it ensures that your business is GST compliant.

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This post is also available in: Bahasa Melayu

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