Remote Desktop Computing

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What is Remote Desktop Computing?

In standard Premier implementations, MYOB is installed on each computer, also referred to as workstations, and the company file or data is saved on a computer that shares it with the others.

Typical MYOB implementations

MYOB on peer-to-peer network

MYOB on file server network

This is fine for the majority of implementations where:

  1. the number of users is smaller,
  2. the volume of transactions is not large
  3. access to information is only needed from within the office
  4. you do not have branches that need to update MYOB

For (1) and (2), where the number of users and volume of transactions is small, there is no noticeable slow down in the performance of Premier.

As the number of users and volume of transactions increase, you may notice that Premier slows down and takes time to respond.

This is because of the larger volume of data that is being moved around from the server to the workstation and back.

For (3) and (4), if information is needed to be accessible outside the office, or if you have branches and want to centralise accounting at head office, then the standard implementation will not be able to cater for it.

In all four cases, Remote Desktop Computing provides an easy and affordable solution.

For (1) and (2), processing becomes noticeably faster.

For (3) and (4), Premier can be made accessible from anywhere outside the office to those who have the necessary access information and rights.

This is especially useful for centralising your accounting functions, for example, you could have a sales office that needs to issue invoices, but finance is at head office and handles all other accounting related functions.

MYOB remote desktop implementations

Over the years, we have implemented several Remote Desktop Computing (RDC) solutions for our customers, and highlight a few of the more interesting ones here.

Remote Desktop Computing is a third party solution, i.e. it is NOT an ABSS or MYOB product.

This post is also available in: Bahasa Melayu Bahasa Indonesia

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