ABSS/MYOB company files

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An ABSS/MYOB company file is a file containing all the financial information for one company or business.

If you have more than one business that you own and manage, then you will need to setup a different file for each.

For example, if you have Company A Sdn Bhd, Company B Sdn Bhd and Company C Sdn Bhd, then you will need to create 3 separate files, one for each of them.

Company file entitlement

When you initially purchase an ABSS/MYOB product, you can create up to 5 company files.

Should you require more, then you can purchase additional files when required.

Please see ABSS Additional data files  for pricing and/or to  purchase.

Company File ID

Each file that you create has a unique file ID once it has been activated/confirmed.

You can view this ID by opening your data file, then clicking on Help on the menu at the top, then About.

The company file ID is displayed at the top right of the screen.

For a visual guide on how to do this, please see Company File ID.

If the company file ID show “0” or zero, it means the file has not been activated/confirmed.

You can use the file for 7  days but if you do not activate/confirm it within the 7 days, it will become read only.

With a read only file, you can view the information contained in the file but cannot add or modify the details.

Activating/Confirming your company file

activate abss file

Usually, after you create a new file, when you close and re-open it, you will see a screen asking you to activate/confirm the file.

Once you activate your company file, it will be counted  towards the allocation of data files that you have.

You can only request deactivation of unwanted files if you are on active Premium Cover plan.

Deactivation releases the file from your allocation of data files.

Under the Premium Cover plan, you can request deactivation of one data file per month,

Please see Activating/Confirming your MYOB data file for steps and more details.

This post is also available in: Bahasa Melayu Bahasa Indonesia

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