Accounting v28.3 and Premier v23.3

Released June 2020

In this release, ABSS have made compliance updates to Sales & Service Tax (SST) reports as well as introduced enhancements.

Compliance updates

SST02 include overdue Service Tax

New checkbox “Include Overdue Invoices Since 1-Sep-2018” added to allow user capture past overdue invoices from SST effective date (1st Sept 2018) onward.

User is required to declare any outstanding service tax after 12 months from date of invoice/service provided, even customer has not settled the invoice.

When checkbox is ticked, SST-02 report will include all invoice(s) with detail lines tagged Service Tax Code SV06 which have not been fully settled since SST commencement date 1st September 2018 until right before the selected reporting period of SST-02.

This checkbox is meant when reporting service tax that is overdue by more than 12 months for the first time only.

Once this checkbox ticked/used in particular SST reporting period, all subsequent SST reporting period should not tick it again.

SST02 [Detail] Return report layout

Under field 11C, have added a new item: Overdue Service Tax, it will add to Total 11C.

SST02 [Summary] Return report layout


Financial analysis report

ABSS have added a Financial Analysis report.

It has some basic financial ratio analysis to help company stakeholders understand how well the business is performing and potential areas that need improvement.

This report can be found at Index to Reports -> Accounts -> Balance Sheet: Financial Analysis.

The sample report will look like this:

Account List Detail Report

The ‘Account List Detail’ report has been updated  to include a new report field, ‘Financial Analysis Acc Group’.

By including this field in the report, it will show the financial analysis account grouping that an account is associated with.

Import/Export Account Information

Import and export Accounts List functions have been updated with the new field Financial Analysis Account Group.

Export to Excel xlsx File

All reports that currently have the Send to Excel option, now includes the ‘Excel Xlsx File’ option as well.

It enables user to save report directly as an Excel file with .xlsx file extension, without the need to launch MS Excel application.

This will enable users who do not have MS Excel installed on their computer to save the report as an Excel .xlsx file.

Business registration number field

Business Registration Number field length has been extended to 30 characters. This is in line with the recent implementation of 12 digit characters for company, business and Limited Liability Partnership beginning 11 October 2019.

Click on link below for more information:

Implementation Of A New Registration
Number Format
For Business Entities Registered
With Companies Commission Of Malaysia (SSM)

Import Sales Invoice with Foreign Currency

Import Sales Invoice features has been updated to handle unique card type with foreign currency code.

Item Movement Report

Every item movements per transaction can now show up to maximum of 25 locations.

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