LHDN Payroll Audit

From January 2019, LHDN began requesting selected employers to provide payroll details for audit.

Employers who received notification were required to provide:

  • Employee Master File
  • Payroll Register, and,
  • Payroll Chart of Account.

With the release of ABSS Payroll v11 in January 2020, you can now generate the LHDN Audit file when required.

To access this feature, launch ABSS Payroll, then open your file.

In the Command Centre, click on Reports, then click on Payroll.

abss payroll command centre reports

In the reports window, select LHDN Audit, then click on Save.

abss payroll lhdn report

Next, select the payroll year of assessment that you are required to provide.

abss payroll lhdn audit year

Select where you would like to save the files.

lhdn audit files location

By default, the files will be saved to your ABSS Payroll v11 application folder. If you wish to save to a different location, click on the browse button, and select a different folder or drive.

file location browse

Note that 3 separate text files will be generated and saved.

lhdn payroll audit files

Click OK to save the files.

ABSS Payroll will generate the required files and save them to the location specified.

saving lhdn audit file


lhdn audit file saved

You can view the 3 files in the folder that was selected.


lhdn audit files

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