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ABSS Premier v23.8

Released March 2021

In this release, ABSS has extended the tax code, company name character limits, and improved time for report generation.

Extended Tax Codes characters limit

To cater to the various length of the tax code characters provided by the authority, ABSS have extended the maximum length of tax codes field from 3 to 10 characters.
All relevant screen displaying the tax code field has been expanded accordingly.

abss extended tax code field

Two additional ageing periods

With the 2 additional periods, you can now extend the ageing report over 5 periods.

Preference Setting

To set up the additional ageing periods, go to Setup-> Preferences -> Reports & Forms.

Note: The default ageing days for 4th and 5th columns are additional 30 days and 60 days of the 3rd column.

abss additional aging periods preference setting

Easy Setup Assistant

Additional ageing periods in Easy Setup Assistant

abss extended aging periods in easy setup assistant

Accounts Receivable and Payable Reports customisation

The additional ageing periods are available in the Report Customisation window for both Receivables and Payables.

  • Ageing Summary
  • Ageing Detail
  • Reconciliation Summary
  • Reconciliation Detail
abss extended aging periods customisation in reports

Statement of Account (SOA) customisation

The 4th and 5th ageing period fields are now available in form customisation for Statement of Account.

This applies to both, Activity and Invoice Layout.

abss extended aging periods in statement of accounts

Report templates

The following form templates have been updated accordingly:

Statement of Account Invoice Layout

  • ABSS Premier’s Plain Paper Statement
  • Pre-Printed Statement

Statement of Account Activity Layout

  • ABSS Premier’s Plain Paper Statement
  • Pre-Printed Statement
abss statement of accounts with extended aging periods

Improved report generation speed

General Ledger, Customer Ledger, Supplier Ledger

ABSS has enhanced and reduced the time required to generate General Ledger, Customer Ledger, and Supplier Ledger reports.

This ensures a smoother process when generating reports with larger volumes of data.

Company Information update

The Company Name field now supports up to 80 characters.

A new field, Contact Person, has been added with 80 characters limit.

company name field in abss

Send To Excel Xlsx File Feature enhancements

The Send To Excel Xlsx file feature now supports both traditional and simplified Chinese languages based on user-defined system locale.

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