ABSS Payroll v10

Tax Relief Updates

  1. Contribution to Employee Provident Fund (EPF) and life insurance premium  is now separated as follows:
    • Contribution to EPF – up to RM4,000
    • Life Insurance Premium – up to RM3,000
  2. Net savings in SSPN – increased up to RM8,000
  3. Removal of Tax Relief for Housing Loan Interest Paid

Compliance Update

In compliance with the above changes, the following forms have been updated:

Borang Tuntutan Potongan Dan Rebat Individu

Borang Maklumat Berkaitan Penggajian Dengan Majikan-
Majikan Terdahulu Dalam Tahun Semasa

Tax Compliance

Tax Calculation

Tax calculation also been updated accordingly. All new pay run will reflect on new PCB calculation.

The .txt file output file for submission also updated accordingly.

New SOCSO form

New form been added for SOCSO – Borang Pendaftaran Pekerja Asing

Report lists

Tax Agent Address

A new field been added in Card File. It will be used in Form CP22.

Card File > Contact tab > [Check box] Address belongs to tax agent

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