ABSS Premier features at a glance

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ABSS Premier is a network enabled accounting solution that is ideal for growing businesses.

It can either be single or multi-user licence depending on your business needs.

You can start with single user and add on user licences as your business grows and you employ more staff.


  • Built In Set Up Assistant
  • 100+ Sample Chart of Accounts
  • Integrated Help File

Contact Management

  • Contact log and alert
  • Personalised Letters
  • Mailing Labels
  • Vendor/Customer/Employee Contact Management

Transaction processing


  • Sales Register
  • Enter Sales
  • Receive Payments
  • Transaction Journal
  • Print/Customise/Email Your Statements/Payments/Invoices/Receipts


  • Purchase Register
  • Enter Purchase Orders/Supplier Invoices
  • Pay Suppliers
  • Transaction Journal
  • Print/Customise/Email Your Purchase Orders/Cheques


  • Bank Register
  • Spend Money
  • Receive Money
  • Reconcile Accounts
  • Transaction Journal
  • Prepare Bank Deposit
  • Print Receipts
  • Print Cheques
  • Print/Customise/Email Your Receipts/Cheques

Time Billing

  • Enter Activity Slip
  • Activity Slip
  • Activity Log
  • Prepare Time Billing Invoice
  • Transaction Journal


  • Items Register
  • Items List
  • Set Item Prices
  • Count Inventory
  • Adjust Inventory
  • Transfer Inventory
  • Auto-Build Inventory
  • Transaction Journal
  • Multi level Pricing
  • Multi Location
  • Negative Inventory

Single or multi user


  • Generate sales invoices in other currencies
  • Record supplier invoices in the currency of purchase
  • Keep track of exchange gains and losses

Multi location inventory

Multiple pricing levels

Business Management

  • Advanced Data Search Feature
  • Budgeting Tools
  • 180+ Reports
  • Cost Centre Tracking
  • Print/Email/send to disk Reports
  • Dynamic Link to MS Word and Excel
  • Access to charts and graphs
  • Set Important Alerts
  • Recurring Transactions
  • Business Insights

Data Security/Integrity

  • Backup/Restore
  • Password control
  • Audit Trail
  • Transaction Lock Periods
  • Database Optimisation Tools

This post is also available in: Bahasa Melayu

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