Improving responsiveness

Malaysia – December 2014

This customer was using MYOB Premier v13 with 5 userΒ  licence and 2 company files. One company had a large volume of transactions and had been experiencing slow responses when recording/viewing transactions as well as displaying reports.

We implemented Remote Desktop Computing for them, and there was a noticeable improvement on the speed with which transactions were processed and reports were displayed.

There are several added advantages to this type of implementation:

  1. Upgrades can be deployed with ease.
    When MYOB needs to be upgraded, it only needs to be installed on the server, unlike previously when the upgrade would have to be installed on each user’s computer.
  2. Forms are centrally located
    Customised forms are also in one location, i.e. it need not be copied to each computer when a form is customised.
  3. Plug n play
    If a computer on the network breaks down, simply plug in another computer and continue working. No need to re-install MYOB, etc
  4. Multi platform
    You can use a computer with any operating system to connect and use MYOB, including Macs!

This implementation can further be expanded to allow for access from outside the office, if required.

Remote Desktop Computing is a third party solution,
i.e. it is NOT an ABSS or MYOB product.

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