ABSS Accounting v29.1 and ABSS Premier v24.1

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The latest versions of ABSS Accounting and ABSS Premier, released on 6th September 2022, come with compliance updates, new features as well as enhancements.

New feature

Transaction Journal Vouchers

Some accounting transactions are required to be approved.

In these newly released versions, you can print out transaction vouchers for approval.

These transactions include:

  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Disbursements
  • Receipts
  • Inventory

You can print the vouchers from the Reports menu, in the Accounts tab, under Transaction Journals.

abss transaction vouchers
abss general journal voucher


Audit trail report – Source of transaction

The audit trail report will now show the source of the transaction as well.

With this, you can trace the source of the transaction, Sales, Purchase, Receipts, Payments, Inventory, Tax and Card information.

audit trail source journal

Payment voucher number

You can now add payment voucher number to the Spend Money and Pay Bills transactions.

abss spend money payment voucher
abss pay bills payment voucher

Search by description

You can now search for Sales and Purchase transactions by description.

In the Advanced window of the Find Transactions screen, a new field has been added for description.

find sales transactions by description

The description field is available when you select All invoices in the Invoice tab or Bills in the Bill tab of the find transactions window.

Transaction totals in Sales and Purchases reports

When printing the Sales or Purchases reports, the totals are computed and displayed.

sales register totals
purchase register totals
sales item detail grand total
purchase item detail grand total

Note that in Premier, for the totals to display, the report must be in local currency.

Wider columns in transaction screens

The width of the Price, Amount and Job columns has been expanded to accommodate more digits and the currency symbol.

wider columns in transaction screens

This post is also available in: Bahasa Melayu

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