ABSS Sales Register

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The ABSS Sales Register is like your Sales dashboard.

You can view all invoices, invoices that have not been paid, etc., as well as perform sales related functions like invoicing and receiving payments from here.

To access the Sales Register, in the Command Centre, click on Sales, then Sales Register.

ABSS Sales Register
ABSS Sales Register

Filtering information

Date Filters

The Sales Register is filtered by date.

When initially opened, it will use your system date to display invoices.

For example, if today is 15th June 2020, then it will display invoices from 1st to 30th June 2020. 

To view invoices from other periods, click in the Dated From and To fields and change the dates accordingly.

ABSS Sales Register filter by date

Customer Filter

Information in the Sales Register can also be filtered by customer.

In the Search for field, select either All Customers or Customer.

ABSS Sales Register filter by customer

When you select to Search by Customer, a new field is displayed.

Key in the name in that field and the sales will be filtered to show only sales related to that customer.

ABSS Sales Register customer filter field


The tabs at the top help you filter sales by the status of the invoice.

ABSS Sales Register tabs

All Sales

All Sales shows all invoices, quotes, orders, etc.

ABSS Sales Register - All sales


The Quotes tab displays only quotations that you have entered during the selected period.

ABSS Sales Register - Quotes

In this tab, you can select to create a new quote or select an existing quote and change it to an Order, to an Invoice, or delete the quote.

You can also create a purchase order to your supplier from the quote if you need to purchase items to fulfill this requirement.


The Orders tab filters and displays any sales orders that you have keyed into ABSS for the selected period.

ABSS Sales Register - Sales Orders

In this tab, you can select to create a new order, receive a customer’s payment for an order, change the order to an invoice and create a purchase order to your supplier.

Open Invoices

The Open Invoices tab displays invoices for the period that have not been paid in full by your customers.

ABSS Sales Register - Open invoices

You can receive payments from customers as well as create a new invoice from this tab.

Returns & Credits

Returns and Credits are for credit notes that you have issued to your customers.

ABSS Sales Register - Returns & credits

Here, you have the option of either paying a refund to the customer, or applying the credit against an invoice that is still owing.

You can also create a new sales invoice by clicking on the New Sale button.

Closed Invoices

These are invoices that have been fully settled during the selected period.

ABSS Sales Register - Closed invoices

The column to the right displays the date on which the invoice was paid.

Viewing document details or edit/delete a document

To view, edit or delete an existing invoice, quote, order, etc, either double click on it, or click on the drill down arrow next to it.

Explore the ABSS Sales Register in this video

This post is also available in: Bahasa Melayu Bahasa Indonesia

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